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Greater Moncton Pest Control Commission

Bird Surveys

The reduction of mosquito population has the potential of having a negative effect on bird populations due to a reduction of an available food source. Therefore, marsh bird surveys play an integral part in monitoring the impact of mosquito control in our area.

In establishing yearly species distributions, changes in the population dynamics can be tracked and compared with other ecological impacts to ensure that larvicides are being applied safely. Data collected is also forwarded to the Canadian Wildlife Service to be integrated into their Maritime Nest Records Scheme

The Methods:

Monitoring is conducted on foot by the ecological monitors. The two largest areas, Dover Ducks Unlimited and Dutchill Ducks Unlimited, are monitored by canoe. The sites surveyed are primarily ponds within marsh areas consisting of cattails, grasses, and bulrushes.

Once a nest is located, a numbered ribbon is placed nearby to allow identification on subsequent visits. Coordinates of the nests are taken for tracking in the Commissions’ GIS. Data is collected on the nest’s construction, height, presence or absence of parents, number of eggs and/or young.