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Greater Moncton Pest Control Commission

Stream Surveys

Annual stream surveys are conducted in order to locate existing mosquito breeding locations as well as to monitor ecological changes within the streams. These changes may lead to the formation of stagnant bodies of water that are favourable to mosquito breeding.

Data collected is integrated into the Commission’s Geographic Information System (GIS) in order to facilitate analysis and data sharing between interested parties.

The Method:

The subject stream is surveyed on foot by the ecological monitors. The GIS system is utilized to calculate measurements of the stream from its origin at identifiable landmarks such as culverts and other infrastructure items. Data is collected and recorded every ten meters and categorized under the following headings: velocity; turbidity; depth; present width of channel as well as at flood stage; substrate type; canopy; type of vegetation; evidence of wildlife; temperature of water and air; ph of water; presence of mosquitoes.